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Written by André Nzolasani Masika on 14. May, 2014
Dear Florent Pumu: It’s so great to meet you again, after almost 25 years that we've not been in touch.
What moves is your unchanged commitment for community issues which you've shown that time on. And now I notice you’re endeavouring in DRC issues, which is noble.
Challenges are many, let’s keep an unwavering pace till we succeed.
GOD bless you.
Written by S Muanangani on 25. Oct, 2013
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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your achievement in establishing your association and it is with great pleasure I write to encourage you to continue in your contribution toward the rebuilding of the Congo. May that contribution be sincere and last until people of DRC live in peace and prosperity.

Looking at the list of contributors to this page, I must say, you are none but fathers and mothers to me and I take this opportunity to seek some clarification in order to gain some wisdom from you… but First I'll introduce myself as your son from the Congo, I live in Nottingham, UK.

My questions are directed to the sector of development and Education, and in context of development they are specifically directed to the sector of heath and infrastructure...

1. In regards to the development of the Congo, what role do see the congolese youth in the diaspora playing? (1.a). First your state you actual option (1.b). and then looking at data from the education department in the UK state realistically what impact the diaspora youth will have in the Congo… a Follow up from the previous question, What policies will Kamoto propose to either the EU or UK in order to shape the future of Congolese youth who will rebuild the Congo tomorrow? Please also state what strategy you will use to push that policy.

3. Looking at the data in Angola, whose economy is the one of the fastest growing in Africa, what lessons Kamoto Centre draw from it in order to promote in Congo? Please state both positives and negatives, including the level of inequality.

4. Having studied in the UK, I appreciate the fact that one of your goal is to influence the congolese education to move from a "memory based" to an "analytic based"… knowing what the positives are already, could you tell me, have you considered what the negatives are and what the challenge could be? I ask that question because the Germans and French don't necessarily have the same system as the UK but yet they excel better in various areas than the British e.g Engineering, Automation… (consider Cars, Plans…)

5. In heath, what is the link between infrastructure and heath?

I look forward to your responses,

Best regards,

S. Muanangani
Written by Jules Diaka on 2. Aug, 2013
Il ne manque que de vaillant et vous vous en fait parti, demeurez-y pour être si pas des héros vrai et véritable... Avec l'aide de Dieu et qu'il vous soutiennes pleinement amen
Written by Jean Philippe Tipoy on 7. Apr, 2013
The websie look now very good
The health sector in DRC does not cater for the community. We need to come up with a health system that would see the citizen benefiting even if they do not have money.

Written by A ilali on 19. Mar, 2013
I am happy to see this kind of thinking, a non profit organisation based on research and focused in helping Congo to stand up and regain the lost respect.
Written by Dr K Kinas on 19. Mar, 2013
I am happy to read you. Thanks a lot
Written by Dr F N on 19. Mar, 2013
I like KC.
Written by Dr Danny L on 19. Mar, 2013
Good site:simple and precise. Let's reflect on what we can come up with to improve the site further. Sounds good to me. Will not hesitate to become an active member
Written by Alain Franque on 19. Mar, 2013
Hello Docta
just home now with a very good feeling to discover you as a person and a true countryman and nationalist. By the way Koko kalambay is a young brother. I met and advised him when he came in the UK.
Let have time to meet once for real at the city so we can share a good chat about our lovely Congo
Alain Franque
Written by Franck N on 19. Mar, 2013
Bien reçu ton invitation monsieur Pumu, je ferai large diffusion de kamotoCentre
Written by Dikev on 19. Mar, 2013
Félicitations pour ce website et pour cette initiative pour changer un peu l'image de notre pays a l’étranger en disant la vérité sur certaines réalités. J'encourage mon ami Florent et ses amis a aller de l'avant.

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depuis que j'ai fait connaissance de votre site, je ne passe pas un jour sans le consulter. Merci pour l'objectivité de vos analyses.

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I have read your thought and understood your tremendous commitment towards a common better future of our DR Congo. We share the same objectives. Congratulation!